Bow Market

Project Description: 

Bow Market is a food, art, and retail vendor market in Somerville, MA. Bow Market provides 30+ small-scale storefronts to established and aspiring food vendors, retailers, and artists from Somerville and Greater Boston. The market is anchored by local craft brewery, Remnant Brewing.  

The Bow Market building, once a storage facility, encircles a public courtyard in the heart of Union Square. Each of the micro-commercial spaces open onto the courtyard, providing a unifying communal space for the market and the community.  Additionally Remnant Brewing has access to a second private courtyard, the beer garden. The courtyards are designed as flexible spaces for seating, gathering, and entertaining. Design elements include seat walls constructed from recycled granite from the renovation of the Longfellow Bridge and reclaimed wooden beams from a ship building facility in Hingham.  6,000 square feet of permeable pavers allow for stormwater infiltration, while movable tables and chairs, cable shades, lighting, and murals create a vibrant, programmable core to the market.  

Location: Somerville, MA

Date: 2017

Team: Boyes-Watson Baum Partners, Boyes-Watson Architects, Remnant Brewing