Centerpoint (work completed at Sasaki*)

*Work completed at Sasaki. Chris Merritt was a member of the concept design and construction implementation team while employed as a project Landscape Architect and Associate at Sasaki.

Project Description:

Centerpoint re-purposed an abundance of parking in an institutional office park in order to create a series of public plazas and new campus environment. The site was formerly home to the headquarters of Raytheon, a major defense contractor with core manufacturing concentrations in weapons and military electronics. Testing on site has led to much environmental contamination that was accounted for in the design of the plazas. 

The diverse New England landscape was the inspiration for the design across the site. Field trips across Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont through mountains, woodlands, rural farms, and private gardens inspired a series of typological gardens in each plaza. A gradient abstraction of New England landscapes celebrating the history, culture, and material of the region creates a framework for experience on the site.

Location: Waltham, MA

Date: 2015

Team: Saracen Properties, Sasaki Associates