Faneuil Hall Marketplace (work completed at Sasaki*)

*Work completed at Sasaki. Chris Merritt was a member of the master planning and concept design team while employed as a project Landscape Architect and Associate at Sasaki.

Project Description:

Built in 1742, Faneuil Hall Marketplace has a rich history in Boston's founding. Its original use as a fresh market and meeting hall lives on as an iconic destination for visitors to the city. Newly positioned tenants will build upon the legacy of the historic site with carefully designed renovation work to the buildings and the landscape. The rich character and material of the site will be preserved while more contemporary uses are programmed throughout. While retaining the heritage of the Marketplace, a careful study of program, circulation, paving, and vegetation was undertaken in order to evolve the Marketplace into the 21st century. 

Project Location: Boston, MA

Date: 2015

Team: Ashkenazy Acquisition Corporation, Elkus Manfredi Architects, Sasaki Associates, Biederman Redevelopment Ventures