Strip District Riverfront Vision Plan (work completed at Sasaki*)

*Work completed at Sasaki. Nina Chase led the concept design while employed as an Associate at Sasaki.

Project Description:

The Strip District Riverfront Park is a 1.5 mile linear park along the banks of the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh, PA. The design of the park builds off the planning efforts of multiple stakeholder groups and previous design plans. The park, designed as a series of overlooks connected by a continuous multi-use path, emphasizes access to the river, highlights views to Pittsburgh’s iconic brides, and strengthens connections to existing and future development.  The concept design incorporates green infrastructure to manage stormwater and creates opportunities for habitat of riverine plants and animals. The park will provide needed recreational connections to the surrounding neighborhoods and the city. Riverlife is currently exploring a first phase programming strategy that includes pop-up riverfront parks.

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Date: 2015

Team: Sasaki Associates, Riverlife