Chris Merritt Joins ULI Advisory Services Panel in Pittsburgh

Urban Land Institute Summary

Presentation of Recommendations

"The City of Pittsburgh continues to demonstrate a successful transformation from an older rust-belt city to a city of the new economy.  The city receives high marks for addressing the needs of millennials and leveraging the educational and technological opportunities associated with the myriad of universities and techy businesses . However, even with all of its recent success, many neighborhoods continue to struggle.  The East End communities: East Liberty, Larimer, Homewood, Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar and East Hills suffer from high crime, low homeownership, neglected infrastructure and minimal economic development.  East Liberty, with the guidance ELDI has seen the most positive transformation over the past twenty years in its the commercial core and adjacent residential areas; the other neighborhoods less so.  ELDI and the city council member representing these neighborhoods asked an ULI panel to convene and provide strategic advice regarding a host of issues, including homeownership, economic development, crime and community engagement."